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Proposals and Engagements

Incredible, Impactful Memories. Just click play.

For many couples that approach me, videography is a realm that they are just starting to explore. Considering that they're often already engaged, they're coming late to the party. 

Your story didn't start and end on your wedding day. Let's make it start at the beginning. I love including proposals and engagement sessions in the full wedding video package because it allows me get to know the couple better and to include more of their love story in their full wedding video!



This service covers just the proposal event. Capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment on video!



This is perfect if you've already proposed and want to create an unforgettable save the date. If you haven't proposed this can include the proposal and the remainder of the hour will be dedicated to the creation of this video. Optionally can include interviews about your love story.


Save money by making these a part of your full wedding video package!

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