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Elizabeth & Seth

I'm launching a blog after having put the task off for a while, suffice it to say that I'm more into the creation of art than its promotion. Nevertheless, the need to openly share my work and talk about the process is apparent, and we shall get started.

Elizabeth and Seth met with my wife and I after the birth of our daughter, just over a year ago. We sat down to coffee with this newborn infant resting in her car seat next to us. The conversation was easy, and it's been quite some time, so I don't remember exact details. However, I remember that Elizabeth was excited to work with us, but she just wanted to meet and put a face to the name of the person who would now be sharing in this important day in her life. I find face time valuable, and I always make it a point to meet up with clients and prospective clients whenever I can!

So it was that the decision was made, and after many months passed, the big day arrived. Something about this spring's weddings was a common theme: rain.

All eyes were consistently on the weather report as Elizabeth, Jenna (the photographer), and I were eyeing our chance to get some good shots. We did what we could while it was raining, but it wasn't until after the ceremony that our big break happened. Beautiful clear skies.

Hold on a second, because I have to mention how amazing the ceremony location was. Take a moment to admire that in the video. St Luke's Church on Hilton Head Island is gorgeous with it's wooden arches throughout the interior.

We finished the evening with a reception at the Shipyard Plantation's Beach Club location. Where we took some time out to walk around and grab some sunset shots.

A couple of quick things I want to mention, and I'll wrap this up. The couple was having a hard time choosing music. I made some choices to the best of my ability, including the Blink 182 piece (Seth's favorite band). But my favorite piece has to be the Moon River instrumental. Set to the visuals of the dances and the sunset photo shoot, it's pure emotion.

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