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Mark & Mark

Today marks the first anniversary of Mark Hill and Mark Lee's wedding. I can't properly convey just how wonderful of friends these two are, so I was thrilled when they asked me to capture their wedding day. And it turned out to be one of my most emotional videos. So today I'm sharing with you the short version of their video, in honor of them and their union.

One thing I marvel at with weddings is how unique each one can feel as the couple makes choices that reflect their personalities. It's a unification of style choices, and in this case, Roy's Hideaway was an incredible and meaningful location for the Marks to officially tie the knot. Or in this case: jump the broom.

Many couples feel a swell of overwhelming love and elation on their weddings, but what I observed here was an added appreciation for the gifts of life and love. There's a true significance to their having the opportunity to marry the person they love and exercise that lawful right. And the weight of that appreciation and joy shines through every minute of their video.

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