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Wormsloe Wedding - Katie and Travis

Set under the iconic oaks of Savannah's Wormsloe Historic Site, this intimate wedding was full of laughs and tears. I love the way these two were able to be comfortable being themselves on video, and it makes for a really good time!

I've been seeing more and more weddings and wedding videos where the bride and groom write letters to each other. These make for amazing moments in the video. I believe any time we as videographers can get more of the personal story integrated into these videos, the more the emotions will flow through the video.

Also, it can't be overstated how incredibly powerful a good officiant is in wedding videos. In this case, the officiant spoke with an emotional impact which resonated throughout the piece. And underneath those beautiful Savannah live oaks, you can't help but feel the power and love that the forming of this family has generated.

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