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Get Video for Your Proposal!

You're planning to pop the question. Take the big leap. This is big. It changes everything. This is an epic moment, and people are going to ask again and again how this proposal happened. You'll tell the story over and over again, but it'll never quite have the emotional weight of actually being there. You hired a photographer, and you have these adorable photos. But how do you convey what it felt like at that moment?

Video. It's not complicated. This is the medium of our time. And sure, lots of people are whipping out a cell phone to capture this once in a lifetime moment, but this is an opportunity. Why not hire an artist, a storyteller who will capture that proposal and retell it in a way that will move you. It will have your friends and family feeling the excitement and emotions that they should with this monumental next step!

This video makes an amazing engagement announcement to your friends and family. It can be a "save the date" in and of itself. It can be played at your reception. It can weave its way into the opening of your wedding video and help convey your love story in a bigger way than a single day can hope to.

And here's the best part. You can actually make this proposal and/or engagement video a part of your bigger wedding video story. May videographers (including myself) will offer you an engagement session as a part of a larger wedding video package. This is an incredible opportunity to get to know the person who will be with you on your big day, capturing all of the little details and special moments.

I find that many people just never considered hiring somebody for video for their proposal. Or they didn't really think of all of the possibilities for the video. They also might not realize that they could lump in the costs with the full wedding video package. Proposal/engagement videos can be an incredibly valuable keepsake, and you should definitely have one.

Ryan and Kaylyn's video at the top ought to help you with that decision-making process. ;)

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