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Jessica and Dustin 02.23.19

It's always an honor for another wedding vendor to entrust you with their own wedding. They've met a lot of vendors, and have had a lot of time to think about what they want for their wedding. Wedding vendors tend to have high expectations as well. For all of those reasons, I was excited and a bit nervous when Jessica asked me to shoot her wedding. We worked together on one of my first weddings years ago, so it seemed incredible to me that having watched my work grow all that time, that she had faith that I would make her wedding video everything she was hoping for.

Though the weather wasn't clear and sunny, all hearts and spirits were soaring the whole day. The video largely speaks for itself, but it doesn't tell the story of what came afterwards:

I ended up talking to the officiant, Rev Schulte after the wedding about a misplaced microphone when he informed me that Jessica's father had passed shortly after the wedding while they were still on their honeymoon. This was absolutely heartbreaking news. I find I get thoroughly invested in all of my clients' stories, and I hated to hear of this tragic turn. But as her videographer, I saw the opportunity to help in some small way. I took the video that I had of her father's speech and cut it together with the father/daughter dance.

Now his speech was funny and incredibly touching. Very rarely do you find speeches so genuinely true to the speaker and straight from the heart like this one was. The video came out as an uplifting and heartwarming reminder of a father's love and his best wishes for his daughter on one of the most important days of her life. And it's one of the big moments that changed my perspective on wedding videography.

Since then I have come to realize that the moments we are capturing truly are priceless. Sure, we're telling a romantic love story, but it's encapsulated by one monumental day that often sees many loved one coming together on a rare occasion. There are so many family members and friends that we don't get to see as much throughout the course of our lives, and this is one time that we get together to celebrate a love story. It's not just two people. It's two families. Uniting.

The photos alone couldn't convey the beautiful speech that father gave to his daughter. Without video, it would have to simply live in memory. It's certainly something to consider: you're looking at saving a little bit of money or saving once in a lifetime moments.

Here's his speech:

Jessica's review:

"I have to say, videographers get so underrated. They are the last vendor to get chose most of the time & the biggest regret that people have of what they wish they would have done. I am absolutely ecstatic that I chose this company to capture our wedding day. Zach is a great spirit to have around you on such an important day, is excellent at communicating, & goes above and beyond to make sure he captures all of the moments that are to be treasured and provides you with the finished product without having to worry if it is going to take forever to get back. If there is any vendor you are second guessing if you need, don't let it be Ardsley Park Productions!! Book them now & tell all your friends and family."

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