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Communication. Don't Take It For Granted!

Review of Ardsley Park Productions by Skyler Bennett

There are a lot of ideas that I took for granted when I started my own business. In today's post, we'll explore one simple notion that I thought was just a given:


What? This isn't a basic necessity for doing business? No, it is. It definitely is. I just didn't know that some people aren't doing a good job at this.

It wasn't until I started hearing people tell me their horror stories about not getting a response from their videographer. A couple that just booked me told me that their engagement videographer had ghosted them and it took them two years to get their video. I've heard about nightmare scenarios when the communication with the videographer went away entirely after the wedding.

This is unthinkable to me.

This is beyond terrible. The idea that somebody has entrusted you with this incredibly important day and job, and you don't even have the decency to communicate with them. I'm pulling my hair out right now. It makes me so unhappy to even imagine it.

Here's my philosophy: Even if you screwed up. You owe it to the client and you owe it to yourself to communicate. You got to tell them and make it right as best you can. Partial or full refund based on how much you're able to still deliver.

But there's a lot communication can do to avoid screw ups in the first place. Due diligence is always a good thing. We try to find out everything we need to know to be in the right place and be prepared to capture what we need! But a live event is still a live event. That means anything can happen. We adapt to our circumstances and communicate if we need to change the plan on the fly!

Even better, a good videographer will be available to consult with you to hear your ideas, will reach out to you to talk about what's important to you, will be as involved with you in the process as you want to be.

If you're on the fence about videography, and it's causing you to procrastinate, go read my previous post. Because you're missing out on your chance to get to know your videographer and learn how he/she communicates.

Your videographer should be responsive to your needs. If you want to discuss this further, just shoot me an email anytime!

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