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Why Do I Need A Second Wedding Videographer?

If you're looking at wedding videography as a serious option, you've probably seen a lot of packages offering a second videographer. You probably also ran into this same thing with the photographers packages. I've had a lot of people ask me why it's necessary to have a second videographer. Isn't that overkill?

Well, it can definitely seem like a non-essential extra when the budget's tight and every little expense counts, but here are some of the many ways a second videographer enhances your wedding video:

1. Multiple angles

If you haven't been in the editing room for a wedding video, then you don't realize how often a shot is interrupted by Uncle Bob with his hobby camera, by something getting on the lens, or even the camera operator trips over something during the first look. You just never know! Having that second angle provides the editor with an option to cut away to when one shot becomes less than ideal. Beyond that, it simply enriches the story to have reverse angles on the same event. And I especially mean the CEREMONY!

2. Multiple locations

It's pretty much a given that one person can't be in two places at the same time, right? Well more often than not, the two halves of the wedding party are getting ready in separate locations. That's when the second videographer can hang with one group and make sure any shenanigans get caught on the video! This split often happens again when the wedding party takes pictures while the guests go to cocktail hour. We want coverage of both!

3. Logistics

Wedding days can be hectic. There are some moments where us vendors are simply waiting for things to happen, and then all of the sudden we're sprinting from one place to another with cameras in our hands (or whatever the vendor uses... maybe a turntable if they're a dj. Idk.) Well second videographers also allow us to coordinate so that we're set up and ready to catch that next moment. There's a major difference for me physically when I'm shooting a wedding solo versus having a second person there to help me. I've actually considered striking the option to be solo off of my package options, but I guess I'll leave it on there for another year because I like helping people with budgets from time to time.

4. Creative opportunities

A talented second videographer can help the lead videographer see things they might normally miss when they're so focused on the frame of the camera. I try to have my head on a swivel most of the time, but every now and then, there's a gorgeous b-roll shot that really adds to the tone of your wedding video and the second videographer just decides to artistically capture it. Or maybe it's as simple as catching the bride or groom hugging grandma. These emotional moments are valuable and the more chances we have to catch them, the better!

5. Backup

You never know. You really never know. A truck could hit your videographer. A snake could bite his or her leg. A tornado could whisk your videographer off the face of the earth and send him to Oz. The small upgrade for the second videographer means that you have a talented person their to take the lead if the worst happens. Really, though, what's the price on that? I mean snakes are everywhere, right? Swamp weddings are big these days, I hear.

Well there you are. 5 good reasons. I hope they're helpful to you as you're perusing your options while looking for a wedding videographer. Feel free to leave a comment if you have more questions on this subject or if you just want to tell me to stop using so many GIFs. I won't, but you can always try!

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