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Isede & Biebele 06.15.19

I got lucky. That's all there is to it. At a Savannah Wedding Vendors event, Somi of Shot by Somi Studios brought up that his sister's wedding was coming up soon, and he thought they might enjoy having a wedding video. It was a good opportunity for me on a couple of fronts: first of all they were having it at Wilmington Plantation where I had made a video for our wedding vendors event a few months ago. Let me tell you, this is an enchanting historic venue preserved from 1927. Visually, you have but to point a camera in a direction, and you have a gorgeous shot. The second opportunity for me was to shoot a Nigerian wedding for the first time. I am always interested in expanding the work that I do to be more inclusive of cultures and ways of life, so I was definitely interested in doing the wedding.

Isede called me up not too long after I talked to Somi, and he told me his budget. I was already eager to make this one happen, so I agreed to it almost immediately. You never know unless you ask, and you may find your videographer is willing to compromise on price to tell your story!

Well the wedding day came along, and like always, it's pretty much a solid blur. I forgot to do a bunch of Instagram stories as I always do. But I remember that I enjoyed working with Somi and his brother Adonye as they were the photographers for their sister's stateside wedding (Isede and Biebele were already married in Nigeria prior to this, but it was still an incredible and emotional day). I also got to work with Atosha of Larger Than Life Events and Designs for the first time, and I think it's safe to say that we made a great team on this wedding. They shared my sneak peek, and it took off on social media. We ended up booking a big wedding for next June almost immediately, so I'm really excited to get to work with them again! The decor that they set up in the ballroom was incredible. You get to see a lot of it in the video, but it was amazing to experience it in person!

Every wedding video I make features something new and interesting that helps it stand out from the ones before it. In this case, another of Biebele's brothers (a very talented family, it turns out!) officiated the wedding. I believe his words and personality help carry the story in this video and make it ever so much more emotional. It was almost too hard to choose what parts to cut out because the full ceremony is an hour long, and all of it was incredible!

Thank you, Isede, Biebele, and the whole family for asking me to share this day with you. I'm very proud of the final video, and I hope it brings you joy for a very long time!

The Vendors:

Planner: Larger Than Life Events and Design

Venue: Wilmington Plantation Events

Photo: Shot By Somi Studios and Adonye JaJa

Video: Ardsley Park Productions

Officiant: Ida Benson-Jaja

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