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Passing on Wedding Videography: A Common Regret

Wedding videography example couple dancing at sunset by a river.

You may have heard that one of the most common regrets brides have after their wedding day is not getting a videographer. In case you had doubts, here's a quick list of lists that all include that regret:

It didn't take long to make this list. So one has to wonder, why are people still passing on wedding videography and regretting it?

wedding videography of a couple in front of a luxury venue.

The fact is that we are locked in to an idea what what every wedding needs, and the truth is that the times have changed a bit. The way we interact with media has changed as social media turns more and more to video. Our phones play video faster and in higher resolutions that ever. Our connections are faster, and we expect to have access to things faster than ever. Photography is an amazing art, there's no doubt about it, but at this point, how does it make sense that it would be the top of our list for how we capture such an important day? Wedding videography does seem to be the future of how we will be looking back on our wedding days.

cinematic wedding videography of a luxury couple romantic in front of a river.

Each couple should certainly weigh what feels most important to them when prioritizing their wedding budget, and with a bit more consideration, hopefully we'll see less regrets in the future.


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