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Why Wedding Videography is a Great Investment for Your Wedding During a Pandemic

So obviously wedding videography has great value at any time, and that's why I'm a huge proponent of the medium. But it didn't take long during the COVID 19 pandemic to realize the incredible value we offered during these uncertain times.

This post is purely about those folks going forward with smaller weddings because of the pandemic. My experience is directly related to a small family wedding that I picked up at the very last minute after virtually every other wedding that I had on my schedule had to move to a new date. This one was going forward. And this wasn't just a rash decision on their part. There is a serious illness with one of the family members which made waiting a complete non-starter. So they downsized the wedding they had planned, and they figured they called me.

I'm so glad they did. Immediately I recognized their situation as an opportunity for me to step up and help them out, so I did two things:

  1. I live-streamed the wedding for over 100 absent guests.

  2. I added a 1 week turnaround to their package at no cost.

I believe this made an enormous difference in the lives of this couple, and it wasn't that much extra work for me. So yes, a global pandemic had a huge impact on their day. But friends and family at home got to experience as much of it as they possibly could remotely because they called Ardsley Park Productions and got a wedding videographer.

Not all heroes wear capes... but sometimes I do. Not often while shooting weddings. Unless you ask for it. Is that something you'd be interested in? No? Nevermind. Just a thought.

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