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Still On the Fence About A Wedding Videographer?

wedding videography of a ring on bride's hand and the words I do written on her fingernail.

A quick glance through my hoard of reviews on wedding wire reveals an obvious common phrase "we were on the fence about videography." This is usually explained by the budget impact of videography and quickly concluded by the reassurance that not only was it a good decision, it would have been a huge regret had they not chosen to get the video!

On the other hand, pretty much every bride I've talked to who

didn't have a wedding videographer says it's the number one regret from their wedding.

Now I get it. I'm a dad, and my family depends on virtually every dollar I earn to keep us going! I have a baby that needs diapers, people!

Wedding Videography is worth every penny

Still, I have to presume that if you're on the fence in the first place, that there's a chance you can afford this invaluable service. You're just trying to decide if it's 100% worth it.

Well allow me to be Mr. Persuasive: IT IS.

I am continually astounded by the reaction I get from brides, not only when they first receive their video, but also long after they've watched it over and over! I still talk to many of my couples years after their weddings. I've met up with them for dinner and we catch up. Picking the right videographer feels like making a lifetime friend, and that's because they're going to know your love story so well that they fall in love with it themselves.

Moments that last forever

The wedding video can be a beautiful cinematic love story, but it's so much more! It's a documentary of one of the most amazing days of your life! This is one of the few times that everyone you know and love gets together to have a party celebrating you, and you're not going to have a film of that?

So take a quick poll of your friends and acquaintances, and I think you'll quickly find that those who have a wedding video, swear by its worth. And those who didn't, often find it's a regret. But for heaven's sake, don't make this mistake!

Don't wait to get off of the fence!

Seems obvious, doesn't it?

Well, apparently it's not. We get last-minute requests all the time, and more often than not, we give the bad news that we're already booked.

I've known couples who had bad experiences with a fly-by-night video hobbyist who ended up giving them less than the quality work they deserved and paid for.

Videographers blocking guests during ceremony.
Photo: Britt Crowe Photography

There's still time!

Don't panic. You have time to contact, meet, and get to know your videographer. You can make sure that the person you're going to have on your wedding day will be a professional that you personally vibe with.

So here's the deal: don't put this decision off. Get off that fence.

In fact, if you even think you might want a wedding videographer, now is the time to start looking.

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