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Chase and Beth

A Perfectly Customized Wedding with An Amazing True Love Story

I definitely knew I was witnessing something special when I turned my camera on Chase as Beth came down the aisle. The reaction was so genuine and powerful that it took my breath away for a moment. True, magical, honest, reliable love is something we're all looking for in this brief life. Some are lucky enough to find it, and when I saw that reaction, I couldn't doubt that I was seeing it.

That reaction was the first post I made on TikTok, and it was the first post that I've ever had go viral. It went viral again on Instagram. Not only that, but Chase is an incredibly talented writer and their vows went viral as well. This wasn't an accident. The overwhelmingly positive response to what so many could see as a true love story was inspiring. I know that I've personally raised the bar for what kind of love I'm looking for in my life.

That immediately apparent love isn't the only reason this wedding has been popular. Many have taken huge amounts of inspiration from how freely they expressed themselves, their personalities, and their style. I think too many people are scared to personalize their weddings beyond the normal, expected tropes. Chase and Beth break the mold in several ways different ways. From Chase's stunning outfit, to photo shoots at the comic book store, to a parade around the square: each choice took this wedding up another level.

Wedding videography of Chase and Beth's ceremony exit celebrating their union.

I'd love to hear your reactions to this wedding. Has it inspired you to write your own vows and truly express your feelings in front of your significant other? Are you going to make some changes to your wedding plans to reflect your personality? Or maybe you just feel inspired to be yourself today?


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