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You need a wedding videographer even if your wedding is small.

In my many years of experience with weddings, I've often run into the question "is a videographer worth it for a small and intimate wedding?"

Absolutely! While the size of your wedding may be small, the significance of the day remains just as immense. With fewer people there to witness it, a video helps you share and preserve this incredibly important moment in your life.

Memories Don't Scale

Whether it's a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, investing in a professional wedding videographer ensures that the experience is captured and preserved. One can even argue that video becomes more essential as you have fewer people there who will be able to experience the celebration.

Video is the Future

The paradigm of media is changing. Nearly all of the content we look at on a daily basis is video. And for an adventurous couple sharing their vows together, alone or with a small group, video is the best way to let the rest of your friends and family in on the occasion. The video ultimately helps those people that love you feel included even though you're not able or have chosen not to invite them out for a big gathering.

Beach Elopement

Small Wedding at the Biltmore

These two weddings are perfect examples of how video enhanced the couple's experience and immortalized the event. Our beach couple would have had to face the logistics of setting up for a group out on a sandy, windy beach. There was one such ceremony happening down the beach on arrival, and I witnessed a grandmother struggling through the sand and sun to get to the location.

For the Biltmore wedding, the wine cellar space is an amazing opportunity to get the Biltmore experience, but it doesn't provide a lot of room for a big group. My video captured this singular event with all of its gorgeous views and private vows!

Here's a quick review on Google by Hannah:

"After the pandemic ruined our huge wedding, we decided to secretly elope with our parents and siblings in Savannah. Zach was booked by my mother in law as a gift and that was the BIGGEST blessing of the day! Zach is not only extremely talented at his craft, he also is EXTREMELY fun. He made our day so exciting and special. He created some of the most beautiful scenes and he worked flawlessly with our photographer. Honestly, I can’t say enough about how amazing he was on the wedding day!"

Then, when we got the final, edited videos... WOW! I was speechless! His editing is beautiful and captured our day so perfectly. I have had the videos for a week now and watched them easily 35 times! I’m so thankful for Zach and highly recommend him for your special day. Very rarely do you find someone with such talent and a great personality!"

wedding videography of a small and intimate wedding capturing a fun moment of a bride with a polaroid camera

If you find yourself on the fence about whether you need a videographer for your wedding because it's "too small," focus on the value of your experiences and memories. This is a major moment in your life and your love story. Let's capture it with the perfect wedding video.

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